What supp what supp?! Sorry, ok,ok that was not meant to sound as cringe as it probably did.

Anyway! Firstly, thank you for still being with me after that poor excuse of a pun, and secondly, without further ado, welcome to the what.supp.blog! I’m a mid thirties martial artist, trying to summon up the will and desire to still compete whilst also trying not to be completely burnt out by, well, you know, life. This quest has led to the creation of the what.supp.blog!

The focus of the what.supp.blog will be how to squeeze out every last bit of energy and juice you have left in you if you’re also training hard, competing or just taking part.. in life!

Now, the squeezing will mainly come by way of supplementation, and natural supplements at that. We will not be adverse however though to look at food and drink,nootropics, diets, breath work/meditation and various other training modalities.

This blog will aim to give succinct and correct information from someone who is not an expert, doctor or authority so don’t expect anything too jargon heavy! I’m mearly just finding my way and hope to share what I stumble upon..